685 – DFA apt. & Dad’s check-up

Accompanied my dad today for his passport renewal and check-up. First, we went at DFA Alimall to renew his passport. There’s a good side of being a senior citizen with regards to processing your documents. It’s faster and better!! We took less than an hour to finish this renewal process because you don’t need an appointment and no long lines. Hehe. I found out too that all appointment this year was all full already. Whoa. In my mind, I need to work abroad next year before my passport expires on 2019. Hehe I’m just being futuristic here. Yes, I still have plans to work abroad but I’m not yet decided to which country I want to live in the long run.


Next Agenda for today: My dad’s check-up at UERM Hospital. I didn’t call the doctor’s clinic beforehand, but luckily the doctor was in there haha. My dad’s doctor was Dr. Borromeo. I knew his face before but I didn’t know his name. He was recommended by some of my colleagues. esp. thanks to Ma’am Rose, our OB head nurse. Hihi. So back to my dad’s check-up, we just waited for an hour and a half. When we’re called, I told Dr. Borromeo my dad’s condition and handed over to him some results that my dad underwent before from other hospitals. He assessed and palpated the site, then scheduled my dad for an operation tomorrow which we both agreed, my dad and I. Thank you Doc! hehe. I asked for a discount with our check-up, from 800php to 600php. hehe. *not bad..


Tomorrow we must be in the hospital at 1330H for my dad’s scheduled operation at 1400H at UERM’s minor operative room for excision of cyst on right hand.


I’m also thankful today because Merielle and I was able to do a quick catch-up at UERM, though it’s a bit sad because her grandmother was in critical condition at CCU.. I hope she gets better soon.



Always be grateful ❤





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