686 – Dad’s minor operation

Today’s case at 1400H: Excision of cyst (hemangioma) on right hand


Survived the hustle traffic on a Tuesday afternoon. We arrived at UERM around 1355H!!! Yep, almost late huhu. because I’m so slow to prepare and I forced them, my dad and brother, to bring a car instead of riding the LRT. hmmmm I just wanted dad to be comfortable and relaxed before his first ever minor operation.. but boy, I was wrong haha.. we were all worried because if we won’t make it at 1400H, I don’t know what will happen too. However, God is really good all the time!!!! We made it there. I hurriedly went at Admission office to finalize the papers before my dad’s operation.


Dad seemed to be relaxed and calm all the time, yet I don’t know what’s going on his mind.. I just felt that deep inside, his scared.. I handed to him the other side of my earphones and played a relaxing music, one of his fave, Close to You by the carpenters, while we wait inside the minor room.


This is it. Everything was ready and it’s time to start the operation.

  • Consent done.
  • Preparation done aseptically.
  • Administered Lidocaine spray over the hand.
  • Administered Lidocaine injection.
  • Excision.
  • Removal of hemangioma.
  • Suturing.
  • Dressing.
  • Covering with bandage.
  • Discharge Instructions.

(Picture taken with consent)

*I kept on asking dad if he’s fine.. I’m a little bit worried for him, promise!!! I am proud of you papa!!! You remained calm and cool until the end. whoaaaaa!!!


All expenses I paid. Thank you for the Senior citizen’s discount even though we didn’t file this case at Philhealth because we’re all lazy to do it. hayhayyy.


Thank you Lord for everything!!! All glory to you. Praying for a good result from my dad’s histopath next week.



Always be grateful ❤





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