Woke up with mild pain on my left wrist because yesterday I accidentally bumped my left wrist with my right hand. HUHU. Yesterday, there’s one woman in the minor room scheduled for a steroid shot on her wrist too.. and yes, we do both have same case, dequervain syndrome. For her, it’s a bit serious because she has more pain on movement of her thumb. While for me on the other hand, I felt a little bit of discomfort on my left wrist, but just a tolerable pain on movement. So, I decided to wear again the support brace from my sister for my wrist. I got sad because I didn’t expected that this syndrome will comeback again.. I am not ready. However, I must accept the fact that I must wear this brace from now on, I needed to support my wrist. I hope my right wrist will not have a problem ever again. Stay strong to both of my wrists, please.


On the afternoon, I asked my brother to accompany me at SM Marikina. I wanted to buy a boxing gloves and hand wrap for my upcoming boxing sessions. Hehe.. Thanks bro, I bought Titan’s boxing gloves and hand wrap worth almost 2100PHP.  * not bad!!

Before we went home, we headed at Skin Station and I’ve decided to treat myself. I availed the Axilight Underarm Whitening worth 7000PHP for 5 sessions, Axilight Underarm whitening serum, Infladerm, Maxilight Facial, and the membership too. As in, self.. are u okay?? huhu. it’s done. I just do pray for its efficacy to me.


When we got home, I was a bit upset and down because of the money that I spent today, and my brother just replied.. “Invest ka muna sa sarili mo kaysa mag-invest ka sa iba” and boy, boombayah, i’m shook. haha. it hit my soul. I’m earned my money away from my home and I kinda deserve this to treat myself well. Huhu. Thanks, bro.



Always be grateful ❤