Spending my Sunday at school is quite unusual. But, I’m in the mood again to share my review experience as of day 5.

This morning, I got along with Kris, Czar, and Ate Jessi. They became my friends today. We all have different professions. However, we have one goal, to pass the IELTS exam. We had our whole day session, part one for Writing Task 2, while part two for grammar and vocabulary. Indeed, those were crucial subjects, so we must practice better.

After class, I have handed my task 1 answer to coach Daryl. I need to improve my sentence structure, word usage, and the way I describe the static. He adviced important classes that I must be able to attend for me to enhance my writing. Thank you, coach!

To sum it up, I’ve finished my writing task 2 class and had a one on one coaching with teacher Daryl. I’m applying what I’ve learned  here on my platform. I would be glad if you can notice some errors on the way I blog, and then you can correct my word usage or sentence structure, and punctuations by sending some comments below.

Goodnight, Friends!

Thank you Lord for this life! ❤