703 – one big thing at a time

How to focus when you have too many passions and ideas

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I’m definitely guilty with this article. I can’t focus that it made me so sad and confused. What I’m going to do with this life?? I’m nearly turning 25 on the next couple of months, and hello quarter-life crisis. Honestly, I felt like I’m in that phase already. I quit my job without any definite plan, but a plentiful of ideas in my mind. What to priority first, and so on, then I don’t know.


I’m not a wonder woman. Based from my previous blog posts, I always tell myself that I wanted to this and that. I liked to start all things at the same time, that I ended up doing nothing at all, or if I tried to do so, I’m not excelling enough. This article woke my creative soul up, don’t procrastinate dearest self. Take things one at a time. “One big thing at a time” as I quoted Ms. Arriane.


These are the lists that I’m so passionate about ever since…. in no particular order:

  • Blogging/ Writing
  • Drawing/ Journalling
  • Reading Books
  • Calligraphy
  • Travelling
  • Photography
  • Playing a piano
  • Painting
  • Doing D.I.Y. crafts
  • Volunteer Works/Service thru Medical Missions
  • Teaching


Even I cannot understand why I’m so drawn with different aspects of creating an ART, wherein we can all uniquely express ourselves. I’m not so good with my decision-making skills until now. But I don’t want all of these passion inside me to go to graveyard or waste. I have learned the three month rule in this article. Three months to focus on this, and so on. Go and follow where your passion will bring you.


In addition, I got inspired with these..

“No for now, I’ll revisit you later and give you the focus you deserve.”


“No for now, I’ll revisit you later and give you the focus you deserve.”


“No for now, I’ll revisit you later and give you the focus you deserve.”

*****reminders, self. FOCUS. FOCUS. FOCUS.

I’m a big believer that if an idea is meant for you, it will wait(If you haven’t read it yet, Elizabeth Gilbert’s book ‘Big Magic’ elaborates on this in beautiful detail and provides lots of inspiring examples.) — I want to read this book too!!!!

***I’m sincerely grateful to God for bringing someone in my life, an online coach, that enriches our creative inner self for free thru her blog posts and podcasts. I’m your fan, Ms. Arriane ❤


As much as I want to have a better and meaningful posts by blogging every single day, I have to accept my flaws and short-comings as a human that I cannot published one on a daily basis. I just need to be gentle with my simple joys in heaven. Even if no one really cares at all,  I will still pursue this platform. Hence, by utilizing this tool, I can track my progress in life, how I grow as a blogger, writer, and an author of my existence.


To sum it all up, one step at a time.


Keep having faith and move forward and forward.


Always be grateful 🌷