Today’s simple joys:

  • Learned a lot from Sir Ervin during Speaking and Writing T2 major classes. *nothing in life is easy, so you need to push yourself and study to get your desired band scores in IELTS!
  • Gained another friend, Ate Bonita, we’re from the same batch during intensive review at Santolan branch before, then I saw her at pcampa class. Hehe. We ate together at Mang Inasal, then exchanged stories, and even our contact numbers. 
  • Bought choco butternut donuts for Sophia.
  • Taught Sophia for her homework in Filipino Subject. She drew things that starts with H and she practiced to write letter J and j. Lastly, she recited parts of a plant/tree. 

  • Enjoyed dinner coz dad cooked, Sotanghon! *Thanks pa 🙂

Thank you Lord! I know I have so many back logs  this week.. but thank you for the times that you remind me to get up and conquer any negativity around me.