Would you believe that I set a goal for this month, to read at least one book, and as of today, I finished two books already!? YEYYYY, self! Last week I finished Bo Sanchez’ book titled, How good people like you can become rich. YOU MUST GRAB AND READ that book, everyone. One bond paper size for taking down notes was not enough. A lot of lessons I’ve learned. I am touched and inspired. Yet as of the present moment, I can’t let myself in the stock market because I have no monthly income. However, if given a chance of right mentoring and income, I will pursue it! Tonight, in just a day of locking myself inside my room, I am done with Danielle Steel’s novel, Coming Out. I’m exceptionally speechless because I never thought that this can be truly a good read. Thumbs up! It’s the second book of Danielle Steel’s piece that I’ve read and I always got deeply emotional and attacked. *sobering at the corner (T_T) I almost fell in love with Charlie!!! I admire Olympia, Harry, Frieda, and Veronica. You all  should read it too ❤ Indeed, a glamorous novel of family and compassion 🙂


I didn’t attend class today, but I’m still proud of it because I didn’t just sleep all the time, I read a book and enhanced my vocabulary. I want to hone my reading skills back again. Let’s do this, self!


Thanks, papa, for understanding me today! I’m sorry too, if I’m quite anti-social at home huhu but I need to have my alone time to study and be at my most true self. Hihi.


Simple joys:


Healthy meryenda was served with love straight to my room, huhu Thanks again, daddy ❤