Happy Birthday, Kim Namjoon! ❤

Stay healthy! We love you for who you are. Your existence in the entire universe is truly meaningful, to your loved ones, to BTS family, to this music industry and to our lives, as an Army fan. You filled the communication gap by speaking English to make us, international fans, understand BTS’ sincere thoughts and gratitude. Thank you! You’re reliable, selfless and hard-working, man! Hope you enjoyed your special day with the people you cherished the most. 

See you all in few days! Hihi! Comeback is near! Take care and enjoy, namjoonie~ 
Thank you so much ❤
Before I hit the sack around 0120H, I drew a simple fanart for you. Hihi! I knew that you will not see this, but still I made one. Keep inspiring us!! Thank you, Rapmon 🙂