Today’s simple joys:

  • Celebrated Mass at The Feast Bluewave
  • Heartfelt Praise and Worship
  • Listened to Father Darryl’s talk on Catholic Faith **Father was so adorable! Thank you po 🙂
  • Karla and I joined the ministry ❤
  • I signed up for Singles for Christ, Awesome Kids and Medical Ministry.
  • Sister Emma remembered my name and told me I looked like 18 years old! haha! **yesss! 🙂
  • Ate Mango cake from Conti’s with Nikki at QCMC 🙂
  • Watched Age of Youth S2 Episode 6-8!! It’s so funny and sad huhu! **reality hurts


Yesterday night, I slept early because I wanted to donate blood for Berna’s sister. I went at QCMC Hospital with Nikki. *Thanks, dad for dropping us there. So, I filled out the form and screening was done. I felt disappointed because I did not pass their screening. My hemoglobin was 12.1 g/l, and their requirement was 12.5. I didn’t expect that because I had my last check-up three months ago and got hgb 15g/L. Oh well, papel.  What to do. I really need to start working up to increase my hemoglobin to be able to donate this year.


Thank you for today, Lord!!! ❤



Always be grateful 🌷