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Task 2: People have different expectations for jobs. Some people prefer to do the same job for the same company, whereas others prefer to change jobs frequently.

Write about the disadvantages of each viewpoint?

(Open-ended type of question)


Almost all individual wanted to work for their dream job as soon as they graduated They have various expectations for jobs. However, due to their search for attaining one’s job satisfaction, this can have drawbacks with their career.

Firstly, for some employees who do prefer staying on same job for the same institution, they tend to work on routines every single day that in the long run, they will have loose the drive to give exemplary performances, in comparison to their attitude before as a newly hired worker. Sometimes, they lack in enthusiasm to be punctual and to excel on their job. Then eventually, they will be reluctant to work overtime or during holidays and they tend to give excuses to their boss due to lack of commitment and being tired from day-to-day job, which their poor habits and attitudes will not be beneficial for their personal and professional growth.

On the other hand, for people who shift jobs frequently, they easily got bored and impatient if they feel that they are not satisfied with their stay in the institution. They hinder themselves to grow and succeed on their positions. If they have been committed and passionate enough in one’s company, it will reflect good in their resume. But they refused to work and not renew their contract, that sometimes it will be questionable during job interviews on why they change jobs frequently, that can be a disadvantage if one has proved guilty with these sentiments.

In a nutshell, from each viewpoint, they have both downsides to a person, if one choose to stay on the same job and company permanently, or if one prefer to change jobs from time to time.


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