My excitement on waiting for this summer package even affected my period, it came early!!! Hahaha. So I remembered last year, I got no period for the whole month of October. 

1 down! I’m still waiting for my Love Yourself 1 album set to arrive this month. I hope my dad or brother will not get my package because they will scold me for sure huhu. 

I’m so happy and guilty at the same time because I didn’t balanced my time today. I didn’t study over this fangirling. Two days of not following my study plan. Huhu, that’s why my dad is a bit mad at me. He saw too my ig stories because I’ve uploaded snaps of my summer package. I knew he supports me all the time, but for him, “study is study”. I should focus and not to get distracted. BTS took away all my stress today hehe I loved every bit of this summer package!!! Anyway, tomorrow is another day. Time to study, practice, and write essays!

Thanks, Ms. Cheska for handling this go!

Uploaded my first ever crazy unboxing video of this SP on Youtube haha 😂

I am moved, they enjoyed their stay in Coron! I really admire this family!!!! ❤️

Their diaries since Dubai SP turned me back into my creative Army self too. Hihi! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Goodnight, universe!
Always be grateful 🌷