Hi! Happy World Teacher’s Day! thank you, teachers and coaches that helped us unconditionally, for us to learn and to strive for progress in life. 
Hmm.. What have I done today? 

(My simple entry for InktoberPH)
I’ve been sitting all day. I’m guilty again of watching k-drama in between of my study breaks, plus this doodle above. Hihi. I watched Age of Youth S2 Ep8-11 🙈 *i love this fam*. So, as I drew this doodle, I’m imagining myself that someday I will have an overlooking view of the skies, sunrise/sunset, and nature either mountains or sea in my room. Wow, I’m looking forward to it, self! 

Now, continue studying and reading tips from IELTS Liz website (very helpful site, thank you Ms. Liz)

Go, go, go! ❤
~ It’s so nice to make someone smile with a simple and sincere birthday greeting. Thank you and Happy Birthday again, Karen! ☺️ hihi. ~ simple joys ~ 
*Even if I am really behind with BTS updates, I kept on streaming Love Yourself Album on Spotify, and voting for you guys!!!! Congrats, fam! I love you! Please eat well hihi ~

Thank you for today, Lord!!! ❤
Goodnight, universe!

Always be grateful 🌷