751 – “Why being lonely isn’t so bad”

“Liking your own company doesn’t have to mean that you’re all alone in the world. Rather, you have yourself. And sometimes that’s enough. 🌷

Solitude 🙌🏻
I completely agree on what I have read tonight. It’s the way you percieve things whether you are alone or not, you are solely responsible for your emotions all throughout the day. You, yourself is completely made. You are enough.

Read this full article (published last year – but thankfully, CNN life retweeted this on Twitter)  **I guessed, I’ve reblogged this here before**

CLICK LINK: why being lonely isn’t so bad

I loved how the writer/blogger greatly pointed out realistic reasons and experiences! Thank you for sharing this!!! I really had spent my alone time in my room after reading this. I felt good. 💖

After my reading subject enhancement class, I stayed here for almost five hours straight. I had my time of my life ~ watching k-drama and real people in and out the coffee shop, enjoying my hot chocolate and snack, reading my reviewer, and gaining a friend, Suzette. 

I went home, decided to jog at MSC, waited 30 minutes on the line. I started to jog around 1840H, had almost 7 laps, got home 1915H 🙂

Thank you Lord for today!!!

Goodnight 😘

Always be grateful 🌷