Another week has passed. I’m asking myself if I’m really improving or not. At the end of this month, I do really hope for a factual progress, self. Less k-drama, instead more reading, writing, and coaching. Dedication and practice. I still don’t want to pressure you. Inhale, exhale 🙂 You can do this.


Me to IELTS ~

Me to my everyday challenges ~

Me to progress ~


Thank you Lord! ❤

Today’s simple joys:

  • chocolates.
  • my left thumb, “trigger-finger” is improving!!!
  • my laptop is finally working fine again tonight.
  • read and practice with my orange book.
  • mood-booster music
  • spaghetti at the moment .. so brb guys haha :))


Goodnight, friends! I hope you all had spent your week good 🙂

Always be grateful ❤