Good morning, friends! 🙂

I just had a weird and crazy dream, and got an impulse to blog right away. It’s been so long that I’ve shared my dreams here, right? So, bear with me again today.

Disclaimer: it’s not a love story. Possibly, I believe that it’s my future self in Australia????!!! *gasping*

Here it is..

It’s late afternoon and I came from (maybe) Philippines, I was wearing my dark blue hoodie, denim pants and trainers, and I was inside a man’s house. He’s tall and handsome, I can resemble him to one of the lead character from the international movie, In your eyes. We’re sitting on a couch in his living room. The view outside was majestic because we’re like in a beach front. So, I offered some snack with him and to an old woman beside him. We all chatted, and then the woman went out, so I also told him that I would go out and look around the area. It’s sunny, but I loved the cool breeze from the shore.

Afterwards, when I came back to his crib, I saw him sleeping on the couch. I fixed my things queitly, but then he suddenly woke up. I sheepishly asked if I could share from his personal hotspot because I don’t have a cellular data. He reached his Mac laptop and tried to connect, but his out of balance too. However, after a few minutes, he was able to connect and share his wifi with me. I don’t know why my sister abroad called him, and then we had a video conference using his laptop. Perhaps, my sister knew this guy I am with ??

The end.

Life is really uncertain, I know. But, I don’t know what to really feel about this.

Anyway, thanks for reading! 🙂