My realization today: My dad is missing his morning daily routine (preparing delicious breakfast and packed meal everytime we have to go to school/work). I’ve told him yesterday that I need to wake up early because I don’t want to be late again on my Reading SE class at Niner Guadalupe, and he did woke up around 5am today. I asked him why he’s up that time, he replied, he refused to sleep again. Hence, He don’t want to fail me. We ate well, I made him coffee, I brought the snack he prepared, and despite the hell of a ride MRT experience, I’m not late. Yey! Thank you, pa! ☺️
I know he’s battling every day with self-pity because of being jobless for almost three decades now. He’s not a failure but he always think that way. In fact, he’s a responsible and caring dad ever! That’s why, it’s sometimes heartbreaking to see him sad and alone at home. So everyday, I’m telling him how grateful I am for all his efforts, big or small. He really means a lot. 
Love you dad! ❤️
It’s not father’s day (haha) but I’ve just got an impulse today to remind you (yes, you) to appreciate your dad. He’s one-of-a-kind, and he values you 100%. 
Always be grateful 🌷