763 – “Pagsasalarawan”

My heart jumps for joy. My friend had personally invited me to come and visit their exhibit at Gateway today. Of course, I would not decline. I’m truly happy to support her #achievementunlocked moments in her life.  I don’t know why but I felt too emotional as I handed to her my appreciation gift(personalized zine and a slice of carrot cake). Maybe because of the starry, starry night background music hehe. But no kidding, I can’t control my tears of joy at that moment. Then, uninvited flashback went in.

Last year, we were eating ice cream inside a convenience store around Anonas after our benign shift, we were both hired nurses and worked at same ward back then, and we’re just talking about our careers and passion. I admire her spontaneity, honesty, and wit. Even though sometimes she views herself unworthy and hopeless, she still fought a good fight over these pessimism and above her mental illness.

So fast-forward today, I saw a newer version of Janelle. She’s stronger, confident, and in full bloom independent woman. She had gone through many obstacles last year and even this year, coz yeah our trials are everywhere, however she continue to strive to pursue what she really, really wanted in life. She’s a very diligent student that she would never hesitate to try and learn a lot of things even if it’s outside her comfort zone. She may have limitless doubts and anxieties as regard with her skills and capabilities, but c’mon she’s born to conquer them all! *claps and hugs*


Today’s simple joys: Thank you Father God for allowing me to witness one of Janelle’s shining moments as an artist and how her parents supported her all-out! YEYYYYYY!! ❤

I will continue to support your dreams and advocacy in Mental health, my friend! *Aja!*


By the way, If you’re in Manila, PH.. please do visit Gateway Gallery!!! Grupo Kwadro’s  arts are so powerful that can heal our soul. Just go there, bring your friends and family, appreciate art together. Relax, it’s free. You will be super amazed with all their masterpiece!


“Pagsasalarawan” means to describe 🙂

(I hope I somehow able to describe Janelle today :))