Thank you Father God! I cried my heart out as I felt how sincere and deep my mom’s faith in you. She actively participated during praise and worship at the Feast. I saw how she openly lifted her arms and shed a tear too. Attending the Feast was her first time, she easily accepted my invitation to go with me, as compared to my dad who is really difficult to invite 😦

After we celebrated mass and attended the Feast, my mom went home first because I stayed for my Awesome Kids service until 2pm. My heart is in its joyful state while serving with kids. We prayed, danced, colored, played, and ate together.  I am quite excited next Sunday for All Saint’s Day Event. hehe. I hope I can bring my niece and whole family next Sunday ❤

At evening time, my brother drove us at our grandmother’s house. Together with mom, we bonded with Lola and before we left, we prayed the Rosary, mom as the lead. It took me a long time to pray the rosary again, but still I knew how to pray it, except for the mysteries that I’m not so much familiar anymore as compared before.

I guess I’m not that  detailed enough to blog about my day, but I’m really happy today hehe. I’m not regretting any single time spent with my mom for now.


Goodnight, universe!

Always be grateful 🌷