770 : 24y on 24th ~ 

Before I end this day, as me being my 24 year old self, I would really want to praise God for everything! ❤️

Praise God that I am alive and I can continue to serve you, my family and all your creations. I know that life is full of uncertainties, inequality, imbalance, trials, and negativity, however, I will stand firm and will continue to stay strong for You are always with me amidst of these.

I am glad to be imperfect and full of flaws as I welcome my 25th year tomorrow.. because there will be more room for improvement, for me to grow, learn, and look forward again in my life. 

Thank you Lord for today’s simple joys:

  • Mom’s cheesecake for my birthday! 💛
  • Made burger sandwich with TLC and cream cheese spread for my parents, with complementary orange drinks.
  • Peaceful bonding with family
  • 4th night of praying the rosary with mama
  • BTS shared tonight their BTS RUN ep24!!

Goodnight, universe!
Always be grateful🌷