Today, I felt at peace. I listened to yesterday’s talk of Bro. Monching. I can’t help not to think of my dad and brother while they listened from his talk. It’s about how he hated the act of stealing, people with “pa-victim” aura, past experiences and etc. True enough, people really do struggle with different problems everyday. It’s just how we conceal and handle it all. Because part of being alive is having problems, If one wishes not to have a problem in this life, it’s just like s/he wishes to be dead. Many reflections I did again from Bro. Monching’s talk. Thank you Po. 🙂

This morning, my family helped each other. From preparing breakfast to Min-min’s (our cute dog) bath hehe. I changed our beddings, then did some laundry, folded our clothes, cooked pasta, washed the dishes and many more errands. I played #Swifties playlist on Spotify to give me a good mood all day. Yey, Swifties!

My brother and dad were also helping each other while cleaning my brother’s car. While, my mother prepared our breakfast and lunch, she even went at the marketplace. I knew it’s just a plain Monday with household chores, but I just felt a peaceful vibe at home.

I also showed some of the shirts that I bought for my mom when I was in Saudi before, I’m glad that she liked them. However, she said that next time, just save money instead of buying her these, so I replied to her that she deserves to be treated nicely from us because it’s only once a year that we see each other and bond together. Haaay, naku mom!!! we love you and you deserved to be treated well too ❤

I’m gonna update my  journal tonight because its been days since I didn’t made my entries there and I’m also gonna put my almost month-end realizations.

Thanks to my brother who cooked Carbonara tonight and also for giving me BTS’ print bag as a gift! 🙂

Goodnight, universe! Happy Trick or treat, everyone!


Always be grateful 🌷