1st Sunday of November reflections ~ 

Stunning sunset this Sunday : Ip6xHujiapp

Everyday I’m feeling guilty of not doing practice tests and essays, and speaking English. I have so many lackings/backlogs in terms of my progress on studying IELTS. My fault. My choices. I had chose to focus my time with my family because they were more precious now than ever. 

I’m not watching any k-drama related anymore. But, I’m still into k-pop, most esp. listening to BTS and bobbalgan on Spotify. I’m continuing my passion rolling btw, blogging and journaling.  Guess, I’m still so distracted ? Ugh social media. 

I didn’t booked yet for my IELTS exam date. I’m on a vacation mode right now until 19th. I will not be in a hurry, it’s better to book when I’m truly ready to go for it. 

Today’s simple joys:

  • Celebrated mass with mom and dad. Father (I forgot his name) had blessed them as they were November birthday celebrants hihi
  • Happy lunch at Shakey’s 
  • Mama bought our new turbo
  • Kuya treated me strawberry lemonade
  • Beautiful sunset
  • Invited my brother and friends on Grand feast at MOA arena this coming November 26. It’s my first time!! Thank God my brother will come with me. Thanks to her girlfriend, kam, too for buying the tickets for us!!
  • Ate got our new matchy-matchy cellphones. Super thanks for her incentives from FlyNas!! 
  • Prayed the rosary with mama. Prayers and faith really works!!! 
  • Registered to a free seminar about stock market at Col Financial on Tuesday. This is it. 

Goodnight, universe!
Always be grateful 🌷