Back to reality slap, here we go again.

I’m blogging because I’m all alone again in my room sitting in front of my laptop and venting out all my feels and thoughts. I tried to get off my phone and social media accounts whenever I’m with my loved ones, so the previous posts there this week were both lazy and lame. However, I’m in my happy state.

Everyday I’m grateful that I was able to see my parents and siblings from the moment I wake up and go to sleep, from the time that we will all eat and go out together. Ugh, Fun and simple times. There’s a thing in me that I wanted to go back being a child again. I wanted to cling and cuddle around my parents all the time. I missed these moments. Even though we all fought a lot of times, I live for them and deeply, I love each of them.

Today we got separated once again. Mom’s flight to Kuwait. Sister’s flight to Riyadh (oops). So, I was left alone with my brother and father to act as their peacemaker in the house, partly true. Ugh, I’m lonely, sad, and heartbroken tonight. However, I didn’t allowed myself to cry, not today. I stood up, cleaned our room, and everything in the house, just to divert my sad emotions. I wanted my mind and heart to get really tired so I could catch a good sleep later.

I’m productive tonight doing some household chores. In addition, I watched Stranger Things S1 too. *I’m a fan now! It’s thrilling and exciting to watch. I loved how they’ve created the story, all of it! So I can’t wait to watch S2!!! Hehe.

Tomorrow, it’s the start of the grind. Study and Practice Mode, on!

*I’m gonna be on semi-hiatus ARMY for now,  I’m so proud of you Bangtan & ARMY Family!!! Congrats on your US Debut and always, I love you all! ❤

* I missed attending the Feast!! Maybe that’s one of the reason that I’ve been so stressed these week, even I prayed the rosary everyday with my mom and sister, some days I still feel that I lack something on the inside. I’ll be coming back to attend and serve again this coming Sunday! 🙂


Goodnight, everyone! Hope you had an extra-special week so far!


Always be grateful!