Day two of my coaching session journey at P.campa and I got late again. Huhu. Yet, I’m still happy that I got the last slot for Speaking!!! I’ve attended morning class, its about  Content Writing with Sir Marlone. Thank you, Sir! I’ve learned that I must really really understand the task question first and foremost. I needed to understand what the IELTS examiner wants me to properly answer the given task.

After lunch, I listened to English Podcasts while waiting for my slot. I helped myself to be relaxed and calm. Then, my name was called by Ms. Jen (yes, again universe). She asked about if I idolize a celebrity/artist, and obviously I answered about Bangtan!!! hehe! For my task two part, she did asked me about a friend that I admire who lives abroad. What’s his/her name, how did she able to migrate there, and why I admire her. Definitely, I described my LDR bestfriend, Symba! ❤ Finally, I got an almost 7 in speaking!!! yey!! 🙂

Before going home, I went at Smart Customer Center Gateway just to inquire about our pocket wifi. Sad to say, the device was defective already. Sighhhhh. I’m about to go home straight, but then I saw BDO bank. I went inside and signed up for American Express Cathay Pacific credit card!!! “Just try” instinct got me off edge. I don’t know if I will be accepted because I’m unemployed, so whatever will happen, at least I tried.

To sum up my day, I’m quite tired already but my dad and I went at PLDT Service Center as soon as I stepped my foot in the house. Wooh. What a day. However, I’m so thankful with my IELTS progress so I started to pray the rosary and read the bible. It’s been day two that I’ve been praying the rosary alone. I’m happy to spend my quiet time with God. I miss my mom!


Thank You Lord!!