801 – lola belen’s

I don’t know how I will put my depressing feels into words right now. I’m really heartbroken. My lola died last Friday due to subarachnoid hemorrhage probably secondary to ruptured aneurysm. I still can’t accept the fact the she’s gone. Huhu.. I got so much hate to my relatives who’s with her in the house. I hate them all. Lola huhuhu 😢
Forgive me for hating my own relatives but Lola doesn’t deserve to be treated unfairly and poorly. It’s bad to hate them but I will put the blame on them. 
I hope God will help me to heal and move on eventually. I love you Lola. I will miss you so much!! Thanks for everything and I’m sorry if you had sufferred plenty of times and endured it alone. 
Papa God, I know you have a purpose for this.. you gained another sweet angel above. I will always keep my faith forward and stronger.