2017: Year in Review   ~~~  WORTH READING 

I really admire how Ms. Abbey Sy blog so sincerely and creatively (like it’s in her DNA). Thank you so much!!! I’m a year older than her, I met her last September 16, 2017 to be exact, and I’m 100% sure she won’t recognize me at all (I’m one of your fans po during MIBF). She reflected so pure and I’m emotional right now. I can’t even organize my thoughts and feels this year but she gave justice through her year ender post!!!! I couldn’t agree more from all her #notestoself. It’s all true. *Dreams, Work, Relationship, Self-care*

Thank you for being your authentic self as always!! In this modern society, it’s hard to keep up being as genuine as possible, it’s a struggle at so many levels, however  I will still choose to beat my “impostor-syndrome filled self” and “internal battles” to fully accept my truest core. You’re blogs have a significant impact in my life, tbh. I’m really grateful that you’re helping and inspiring more people.