804 – hello, 2018!

Happy New Year, friends! ✨
“Let Go and Let God”
I surrender my 365 days to Him and I will not pray to have a best year because I want to look forward every year in the future despite with the downsides of life. So let’s start the year by being grateful!
I’m here to continue my simple joys project rollin’

Today’s simple joys:

  • Vlogged 5-minute korean makeup look challenge and marshmallow challenge with my sister at 1 o’clock in the morning
  • Listened to Optimal Health’s Podcast
  • Updated my 2017 journal
  • Saw BTSxRockinEve dance videos and photos!!
  • Visited Nanay Itchay ♡
  • Joined thepurposefulcreative giveaway#1 category (1st timer hihi)
  • Midnight snack treat to my sister 

Always be grateful 🌷