Today’s simple joys:

  • Joined #Braver2018Challenge!! I’ve been really thankful for Ms. Arriane Serafico for her invaluable passion in helping many women set and attain their goals. I’m so glad to convince my shy and confused self here. If you’re into this, come and join me!!! #Braver2018Challenge

  • Updated again my old journal and answered 3 questions.. (What went well in 2017?, what did not went well and why?, what did you learned?) Yep I did my self-evaluation, I’m just happy that I’m still alive, healthy and tougher.
  • Had our late pamper moments that me and my sister deserved!!! Went for Body scrub and massage package at Karei Wellness Hub, so relaxing! Thank you, Ms. Teresa for taking care of me hihi. I will surely come back again. 
  • My sister bought me a soft cleansing brush for my face coz #skincareislifeu

  • Enjoyed eating Papa’s inihaw na bangus, menudo and chicken macaroni salad! #yummerzzz

    Always be grateful! God is so good!