Today’s simple joys:

  • Made up my mind that I will try to apply as an online English teacher. I will work and study at the same time. Let God be in control.
  • Spent time with my sister ❤ facial – groceries – packing – eating our fave  Amber’s pitchi pichi and spaghetti – watching Kdrama “While you were sleeping”  #awesomemustwatchkdrama!!!!! *I will rewatch again ep32 and take down my notes hihi “This will all pass”
  • Call from Cheryl 
  • Many people joined #braver2018challenge and some women had liked my post even comforted me too..

~ stumbled this post from @adamjk before going to sleep.. I realized I’ve already told a private online group about my goals this year, but actually I told them my 4 commitments.. would that be considered same?? Huuu.. oh well, peace!!!
Goodnight, friends!
Always be grateful 🌷