Today’s simple joys:

  • Accomplished Mission#1: Celebrate your wins. I was so surprised that I was able to list more than five big wins last 2017.. so far my toughest year because I have no job but in turns out, my creative self has been revived. I’m grateful that I finished my work contract peacefully and I was able to follow my passion for arts, strengthen my faith with God through celebrating mass and serving at the Feast, deepen my relationship with my family and friends, and despite having de quervain syndrome, I’m still healthy to do boxing, dancing, running and more. Thank you, Lord! ♡ All glory to you!
  • Met my accountability team on Facebook and Instagram. I hesitated at first because I’m shy but I overcome it, so I initiated our group chat, named it Braver Team 52, changed our chat group color to purple, and placed a picture from our mission today. Another step out of my comfort zone, self.. I will give you a gentle pat on the back.
  • Sent my sincerest thanks to those people beyond my little/big wins last year (You know who you are).
  • Being simply appreciated.
  • Video call with Janet and Janelle.
  • Fixed our closet today.
  • Dad accompanied me at LTO’s office.
  • Read a chapter of Girl Online.
  • Ms. Arriane greeted me again even though I came late from her live chat on Facebook.
  • Did my UA IPL session alone at home.
  • Posted BTS Love Yourself poster on my wall with my dad and sister’s permission hihi!

(Mission 1: grateful for my 2017′ biggest win(s) 

( from @refinery29)
There’s always something to be grateful for!!! 🌷
Goodnight! 😉