Today’s simple joys:

  • Organized my bedside table
  • Tried a new korean restaurant “Yolowa” with Janet and Andre #thirwheelerwhoops so okay, we had unli pork + buffet for P399. It’s good but I don’t highly recommend this so I’ll give it 6/10 review.
  • Visited Feliz (?) Ayala Mall near our place for the first time still with Janet and Andrei hehe.
  • Had a self-pep talk in the bathroom
  • Accomplised braver2018challenge mission#2: where are the area/situation in my life that I’m feeling stuck/unsatisfied.. shared my entry with my teammates. No judgements at all.
  • I allowed myself to be honest and stand with my decision to follow what my heart says tonight.

Always be grateful 🌷