Today’s simple joys: ☆ 1162018 ☆

  • Papa accompanied me to the airport for my early flight to Kalibo. Endured the morning traffic jam!
  • Waiting for my flight even though it’s delayed due to aircraft stuff was bearable because I’m watching Kdrama!! Watched oh my ghost ep 7-9!
  • Window seat in the plane yeyyy! Majestic sea of clouds 💙
  • Finally saw Cheryl my friend! Traveled to see and spent time with her. #fromksatokalibolove 💛
  • So glad that her family welcomed me warmly and cheryl’s nanay liked aling remy’s puto! Yey! 😊
  • Crazy moments with che while traveling to Boracay haha #vlogsandselfiepamore #soundtripmode
  • Arrived in our accommodation in Boracay. I’m fairly satisfied with it because it’s beach front, has clean room and bathroom, own tv, ref, closet with hanger, cloth hamper for our wet clothes, and we have veranda to chill outside.
  • Ate dinner together with cheryl and his brother, kuya fred, at big mouth restaurant and we ordered pork sisig, beef steak and 3 plain rice, 1L of water and 1 can of pineapple juice all cost for P499. *quite expensive*
  • Chill at Haven’s bistro. Good service and live band!! 💙 stayed until 12 am, we finished our giga bbq flavored fries, 2 bottles of beer, and cheryl ate balut.

Thank you Lord!!!! 💛💛💛