Today’s simple joys: ♡ happy morning!

  • Slept for 10 hours! *feeling energized*
  • Woke up from having a lovely dream, I dreamt of BTS again and together with my bff, iya. It felt so real huhu. Got a chance to see them upclose like we’re coincidentally living in one big house. In my dream, I was so shy to approach them for taking a selfie or getting their autograph. I’m respecting their privacy and want them to enjoy their visit in Philippines. So I’m just kilig that I saw them and even make eye to eye with them esp. with Jungkook!! Though in reality I still didn’t see them huhu yet I’m still thankful that I can see them in my dreams for now. Hahaha what’s up to me of dreaming about BTS maybe I miss them so much? Haha anyway maybe because I really loved their songs, I played them almost everyday and I see their poster in my room.
  • Productive Wednesday, End of January already!!

Always be grateful 🌷