Hi everyone!

It’s the start of February, another 28 days of clean pages to fill in. I hope all of you are doing fine today. It’s one day to go before the weekend. Do you all have plans? Hehe. Just wondering..

Anyway, I don’t know if someone can miss my past blogging style (like this), but I hope whenever people can see my simple joys project online they can simply smile and appreciate their day too (If there really is). Hihi. I was inspired again to blog with this format because of Penny!! Yep, I’m reading Girl Online!!! It was sent from universe!! I share the same feels that she started blogging because she got an impulsive impulse to do so and began with anonymous identity. I’m like, me toooooo! (Six years ago self) That’s why I’m so in love in that moment, it’s like I found my soulmate through Penny’s character. So, yeah! Must read!! Know more about Ms. Ocean Strong!!! 🙂

In addition, I want to give an update with my Braver 2018 challenge. I purchased their Braver Workbook for P1250, two weeks ago?then I went on a long trip in Kalibo, and did my job hunting stuff after. Life happens in an instant and I procrastinate again! I finished my workbook just yesterday. I got issue from the printing of workbook coz it has blank spaces and pages huhu so I wrote all and even summarized it because I’m so thrifty/creative and don’t want to waste those papers. Teehee. So yesterday, it was nice to know that Beyonce has really an alter ego called Sasha Fierce, while reading my Mission 3 which I enjoyed the part most. It happened that I also read it in chapter 12 on Girl Online yesterday before I sleep!!! Hehe moral lesson, I should really think and act as my other alter ego called, Ms. Shining Army, whenever I’m feeling too coward about the situation and my fears/doubts/anxieties creep in. What’s written is written, I cannot change that Shining Army anymore, maybe I’ll live it for the rest of the year and maybe I can replace it with more angts and mega-cool name next year. Hehe.

Lastly, I want to share my Today’s simple joys:

  • Started my morning with quick stretches and 15 minute – Daily devotion with God, started with Chronicles 2, Chapter 1. (I hope I can continue this, 1 chapter daily then my reflection/prayer). It felt really gooooood. (Disclaimer: since 2013 when I bought my Bible, I really want to finish reading it from front to cover.. but I’m guilty everytime I just read it for the sake of finishing it without diving deeper into it from Genesis to 1 Chronicles huhu. So now, I want to insert my own reflections into it.)
  • I became Ms. Shining Army today and officially battled my fear and anxiety of manual driving on the road. Survived my 1 hour with coach unknown huhu I can’t remember if he introduced himself hahaha my 1st day anxiety was so high maybe. Gosh, thank God!! Tomorrow, day2! I’m excited to learn and overcome my fear 😊
  • Powerful morning after listening to Vibrant Happy Women Podcast.
  • Goal: finish reading Girl Online and start listening and jotting down notes on E2 language’s Youtube charnnel about PTE. This is it!!

Always be grateful 🌷