Day 2 of February! Hi! 🙂

I have followed my morning routine and it felt just good. But to be honest, I want to sob all day because of my ingrown toenail on my left (case level: MODERATE) huhu it’s my first time to experience this, not because of the pedicurist in town but the perpetrator is myself (sobsssssssssssss in the corner..i hate myself why why why I unconsciously think to pull it while playing L4d2 huuuu), anyway I controlled my emotions and just continued with my driving class which was rescheduled for tomorrow unfortunately.

I also managed my reaction towards the staff for not scheduling me yesterdayyyyyyyy, UGH! so I calmly told my dad its postponed today. And wow to my surprise, my dad allowed me to drive our car instead (irl: anxiety level 10/10!!!). So I drove it and there’s only one episode that the engine went off. Goshhhhh! It’s not that hard to learn manual driving but I can’t focus much that I felt really anxious all the time. Oh well, tomorrow is another day to learn and expose myself. I’m not letting my fear creeps in. Ajaaaaa!!!

Today’s simple joys:

  • Handled my emotions accordingly.
  • Choosing to treat my ingrown at home than punishing myself.
  • Tries to be productive even with discomfort due to my toenail.
  • Papa taught me to drive for the nth time.
  • Comfort foods (apple juice, Barquillos with powdered milk, banana)

Always be grateful 🌷