855 ~LLR Day 01

Hi, Loves!

As much as I want to share every bit of my experience here, I’m not gonna tell hehe because everyone (calling all singles!!!) to come and seek this Love life retreat! #bestretreatever ~ Best investment to yourself ~

It just feels so good to be vulnerable, honest, and accepted. I don’t know why my soul is just in bliss even though I cried many times today.

I’m grateful that I didn’t missed this opportunity. Well tbh I was half-hearted at first, I signed up because my friends wanted to go so I joined too even though I have no income for so many months now tss my frugal self. Ugh. But I told myself that investing on my growth and healing will always be an amazing deal. ~ Love myself!

Sometimes all you gotta do is just take the risk. Make a call. Send a text. Stand up. Show support. 

Our love language is very empowering. WOW.

All of the activities were engraved into my heart.

How can I forget this day.

I’m physically tired from everything but my love tank is so full that I can’t stop appreciating every little things!!!

Thankful for Iya and Karla (this retreat will not be perfect without them), and to all my new family, brother and sisters in Christ.

This is it for now.


Always be grateful 🌷