856 ~ LLR Day 002

It’s Lenten Sunday, Last day of retreat, J-hope’s Birthday (Happiest Birthday to our SUNshine, DanceFloor King, and our Hope!!!!), and back to reality in less than an hour.

As I woke up today, there’s a part of me that I don’t want to leave this place, it’s like a simple and peaceful haven surrounded with angelic neighborhood and good vibes. awww.

I spent few quiet moments with God this morning, I felt His presence so near and so warm by my side since yesterday – actually every time, and I wanted to sob really hard but I hold up my tears as I wrote our love letters to each other.

Then I suddenly realized that I’ve been generous in writing letters for friends and for others, but why I can’t make one to my dad, my brother, my sister, my mom, and to God, and how can I forget to write a special letter too, to myself. I’m sorry..

I kept a journal and a blog, and I thought that it’s enough but I am wrong.

There’s some part missing..

What if, my letters can be some kinda have a powerful magic to heal broken hearts and souls most esp. to my household. And why not give it a shot, self?

Let’s see..


Don’t worry, there’s no turning back here.

I know life will be even more challenging than yesterday, than our past, but I will face it courageously and confidently for God is with me. I Love You.


I have too many realizations and learnings on my mind right now from this retreat. So, I am really hopeful and optimistic that in the future, I will look back and thank myself enough that I joined this life-changing camp.


All people are struggling into something everyday, so let’s just keep going with a brave and kind heart.

Always be grateful 🌷