857 ~ first day of work in 2018 ~

*I’m quite shy and crazy to share this online but here it goes.

No judgement.

This is my blog, my universe and ughhhhh here it goes. hahaha

It’s a joyful morning. Feb 19th!

I woke up earlier than my alarm clock, but I stayed up for a couple of minutes on my bed to talk to myself and to God. It’s reassuring.

4:55am, I decided to get up and get ready with my battle today.

6:03am, I left the house. Am I really ready for this ? …. Ok, Move Forward. ~ Thanks to my hard-working dad for preparing our breakfast and my packed lunch for work, then sent me off at the UV terminal station, haaay just like the old days. . .

6:09am, waiting time in the station as I maintain calmness in my heart and mind. Played Turn it up by Planetshakers on loop.

7:33am, T H I S IS I T! (So help me God) I didn’t get lost around Ortigas, (TY, WAZE). Wooh! Early logged in and I just patiently waited in my office(yessss, clinic ko pala). I just watched Korean Odyssey and FRIENDS while waiting for like 5 hours ?

10:30am, I had my early lunch break in the pantry alone but thanks to Ate angel for keeping me company while she works there. hehe. Plus, RIP to my cellular data because I’ve downloaded episodes to watch while I still wait on what’s going to happen to me. huehue.

After lunch, I got a little busy like 10% out of 100 in comparison from the hospital first day high moments of my life (haha im shook again). Ma’am D, admin staff, went in my office and handed over the medicines for inventory (quick n’ easy). An IT staff came by to fix my desktop, and the clerical works had begun til 5pm.

TBH, I’m still not so usedddddddddddddddddddd to this thing and me being here, but from the messages I got from my friends, I will give this a shot, for I am not a quitter after all, so press on to your goal, woman!

So far, just okay. I’m not late. I have a job. I survived. I am grateful.

I hope all nurses all over the world (most esp. to my country) will also earn high respect and equality just like other professionals out there.


There’s always something to be grateful for.🌷