878 ☆☆☆

Hello, friends!

I hope you’re doing good tonight.

I knew that it’s been a month since I’ve stopped posting here. Okay, too many roadblocks to mention for now. Teehee.

But, I’m happy to share to y’all that I almost got all my target scores in OET on my 1st attempt, 3/4 subjects I got B – To God be the Glory!! #bigwin #simplejoys

I cried. Yep, tears of joy.

Its in the most unexpected times that miracle could really happen, more than I can imagine tonight. Father God, you are truly amazing. I know you are always with us. Thank you for sending me people, fam and friends, to help and encourage me with my OET journey. Hehe.

– Made this tonight, posted it and embraced my flaws in calligraphy and to all aspect. #YouCanBecomeSpecial #Donotletfearwins

Always be grateful 🌷