Hi, there!

I felt like I’m still on top of the moon every time I think of my OET results that came out yesterday. I am really, really, really grateful that I got B in SPEAKING, READING, and LISTENING for my first attempt, and even if I failed to get a B in writing, it’s totally okay, I am trusting God that He has a purpose for that – the best is yet to come! I started to believe in myself again that I can do all things and achieve my dreams for I have an amazing God and I have faith in Him.


So since last week, when I opened an account in COL financial and entered the stock market, I’ve been thinking a lot on how can I grow my income so that I can invest more and start my journey to financial freedom. I even joined Truly Rich club, too, to guide and mentor me professionally here in the stock industry.  I don’t know if I am really ready for this but I know this will all be worth trying!

I’m having a slow, baby step progress right now, but I know it’s okay. I will still get there, no rushing and pressuring myself. Teehee.


Back to the HOW CAN I GROW MY INCOME.. You all knew that I got so many ideas, likes, passion, hobbies in my mind all the time, one of which is blogging, and I want to give it a chance, a focus, time and effort for me to grow as a blogger(wow, self – “blogger <3”). So aside from having a 8-5day/night job being a company nurse, I want to start to take a big leap towards my courage zone, I want to learn more about blogging ❤ (thank you, self *finally*)

From my desire and dream to be a blogger, the universe had helped me unexpectedly as I stumbled this Ad on Facebook, A Lifestyle Blogger’s Guide To Your First Week Of Blogging – Digital, $5.60 USD – at first, I thought it’s free but it’s not, but if I really, really want this, I need to commit myself into this – I must buy it for only 5.60 USD (294php). I was so shocked for its affordable offer! Also, the good thing is that even if I don’t have a credit card for the mode of payment, I just tried to use my payroll debit/savings card (w/ visa on it) *1st time to use it for online transaction*- and wow, it worked, they have deducted the amount from my account (I still need to check my remaining balance tomorrow though *trust issues* lol)


I am going to make an update tomorrow about the book that I purchased. Stay tuned!? hehe.. giggles~


Thank youuuuu Lord for all the blessings!


Always be grateful 🙂