Hi friends!

Today, I’ve given my time and effort to learn about blogging and making an online course. It’s really overwhelming if you try to digest all the meaningful tips and hacks in one day. I am really sorry – that I even dozed off during the masterclass. HUHU. Let me clear it, I’m just sleepy and tired coz I came from my 8-5 job, had my work out and other stuff – physically tired.

Honestly, I am learning a lot from Ms. Marina’s book and masterclass – I had it all in my notes and screen shots on my phone (I hope I can apply it too). I’m not yet done reading her e-book though, but I  realized how she had given a powerful impact to women to pursue their passion to achieve #workfromwherever. Who wouldn’t want that career in the long run?

One thing that really hit me and kept me thinking is this, “YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE AN EXPERT  TO DO THIS”. (ex. Oprah from being a reporter to being a talk show host) – Once you learned it, you can copy it but ensure to reinvent/remodel it, you must insert your personal touch into it, your own unique style, and YOU CAN DO THIS, too.

Ms. Marina is so generous and kind to teach and empower women. I hope I can stop overthinking and conquer my fear to just get out there (courage zone).


Goodnight, friends! wooh! tomorrow is another day to study and research again ~


Thank you God for all the learning and blessings!


Always be grateful 🙂