881 (Love Yourself:Tear)

Today, I just decided to rest from studying ~ so I read Paper Towns while on duty and as I waited patiently for BTS’ comeback preview show, Fake Love Official MV and all Love Yourself: Tear album !!!!

It is really worth the wait!!!!!!!!!

I enjoyed and appreciate their immense presence and overall impact in the whole music industry and also esp. in my world!!!

I can’t thank you enough! Words can’t describe how thankful I am for all the music you sincerely produce/compose for us ARMYs and to everyone!!

Their amazing talents, humble personalities, unique friendship, and powerful perseverance are my hope and inspiration.

I’ve been a crazy fan who was trying her best to keep her chill but can’t control her joy so she kept on smiling the whole time while watching and listening to their cb and songs!!!! Happy mood Friday!! ♡

So, I wander just like Namjoonie on my way home today.. while listening and streaming ~

I liked how these photos turned out ~ I used Verniece preset from lightroom class Ph site – hihi thank you masternim 😊

Always be grateful 🌷

Have a nice weekend ahead!

Let’s support BTS joyfully!!! ♡♡ THEY DESERVE OUR LOVE AND SUPPORT ♡♡