Before I sleep yesterday, I planned my weekend to-do list.

I woke up and get out of my bed around 11AM, had a so-good-sleep (eeeyyyy~). Then, I started doing this and that, following my to-do lists while streaming Fake love MV on Youtube and LY:Tear album on Spotify, as in multi-tasking at its finest coz fangirl is lifeu!!! Productive, indeed. Hihi. I got really motivated because I’m listening and supporting BTS’ heartfelt music (the best lyrics for my unsaid feels/thoughts in this world)!!! ~~ I love Magic Shop and The Truth Untold (on loooooop for nth times)

While resting and browsing some tweets..I saw this,

“Guillermo del toro saying that he doesn’t do “homework with his life” and doesn’t bother finishing games/books/movies that don’t engage him has literally changed my life. Who knew that such a man could set me free?” –  

 And you can now predict what happen next.. ???
I did nothing and just played Left for dead 2 with my sister!!!!!!!!!!
Actually, I’m supposed to finish reading Paper Towns (I am getting bored/sleepy all the time while reading this idk maybe I’m just sleepy !!? but there’s a voice telling me that “I must finished what I’ve started….. like all the time……” oh well – I gotta move on haha.
Daily internal battle: GUILT (just do it even its waste of time) VS PROGRESS (being fulfilled, really !!??)
Just to ponder..
Anyhow, Always be grateful 🙂
Goodnight, friends!