883 – My Truly Rich Life Journey (001)


Five days from now, I will be celebrating my first monthsary as a TRC Gold member!! I am grateful every bit! *cheers* #simplejoys #littlethingsmatter #celebratesimplewins


One of the best decisions I had this year is joining the Truly Rich Club. I’ve been wanting to sign-up in TRC since I finished my contract in Saudi Arabia last August 2017 when I had more savings then, but because I had doubts/fears/other priorities – I didn’t pursue it. Imagine, I wasted how many months of not pushing myself enough to enroll here earlier.. anyway, life goes on, lessons learned.

Now, I’ve been so blessed to watch Gold Mastermind Classes and to receive so much blessings from being a TRC member. My heart is so full that I allowed myself to invest in improving my knowledge to have adequate financial literacy and right mindset. The enthusiastic student in me is on fire!! I wish I could describe here in full detail how everything from TRC had impacted me so far ~ wahhhhh so amazinggggggg!!!!! superb!!!!!!!! Wow, I’m really getting the right motivation to learn and be inspired more.

I pray to God that He may give me wisdom, perseverance and patience as I move forward everyday towards having a Truly Rich Life. This is a true blessing – to strengthen my faith to God and to have financial freedom – helping my family and God’s ministry in the future!

I am willing and happy to share my humble TRC journey here with you all, this is just the beginning.

Some personal facts: I am 25 yrs old, single, works as a company nurse from Monday to Friday (9 hours a day), hopes to have a side hustle/s to increase my income, regular feast attendee and servant, a Kdrama/Kpop fan (ARMY), a blogger – artist – photo&video editor – dancer, teacher, and content creator wannabe,  a hobby hoarder, adventurer, an eternal student wannabe too, plays left for dead 2, loves sweets, and enjoys simple and little things in life. 


#noedit #nofilter Im an average girl with immense dreams and faith too ❤



You can click this link to learn more and be blessed more:  https://bosanchezmembers.com/amember/go.php?r=127694




May our dreams do come true ~


Always be grateful 🙂