Today’s simple joys:

  • Downloaded a cute game (warning: cuteness overload x addicting!!)

  • Bonding again with our little girl, sophie

  • Watched new kdrama haha romcom casts, the undateables! Ep1-4

  • Bbol4 – red diary page 2 album

  • Daily dose of BTS performances!!!!!! Congrats! #Fakelove2ndwin โ™ก

  • Real-slap-to-my-face adulting tweets from Abbey Sy!!! Gosh –

Tbh, lately ive been really receiving a lot of kamusta ka from random ppl aka friends that when i answered their want-to-know-details abt me, they will just disappear again and will not even reply if i asked them kung kamusta naman sila. Idk why i still reply at them and make this an issue like i know its not a big deal at all buti nga may nagtatanong diba pero di ko na kasi nafefeel ung sincerity.. parang nakikichismis lang ganyan.. hay i hate to ovrthink much – its always hard to maintain a good image – but i hope i really learn to let go of toxic ppl in my life too. Be kind to others but be more kinder to yourself!!!! #notetoselfpls

Always be grateful ๐ŸŒท