Together, let’s become Truly Rich :)

Hi, friends!

How are you today?

I hope you are always having the time of your life with your loved ones! ๐Ÿ™‚


Before I begin, I want to introduce myself.. *drum rolls dududududuum* hehe ^^

I am Nathaleen Joy, 25 years young, a cheerful monkey, a mysterious Scorpio, a teal blue-to-colorful-and-kawaii-stuff lover, a nurse by profession, anddddd I’m also a passionate blogger and a creative artist wannabe. Lastly, Fangirling is part of my DNA, an ARMY โค Listening to music, drawing, eating, writing, and traveling are my healing essentials.

I firmly believe that if you really really want something, all of the universe conspires to help you achieve it ~ yup, you’re absolutely right – The Alchemist Fan right here <hehe> Hi Sir, Paulo Coelho :’) *This blog is actually born after I read the Alchemist* A FACT!!!

So why I am saying this, it’s mainly because I would like to remind you (and also me!!) that all of our dreams/aspirations/goals in life are all valid as long as we do something!!!!

That’s it, let me share my story. . 1, 2, 3

After being curious to Brother Bo’s book of How my Maid Became a Millionaire (2017), I prayed and ask the Lord for guidance if this stock market thing is for me.. if I can really do it too.. I am really really really hesitant at first!!!! Months and months of delaying and hesitating to take the risk – Endless sleepless nights. I’ve been thinking about my future as an active long-term investor in the stock market, asking myself, CAN YOU REALLY DO IT BA SELF!!!?? YUNG TOTOO!!??

So to cut the story a little shorter, I joined 1st in the Truly Rich Club as a Gold Member (April 2018) because:

  • I have no knowledge/ background in investing in the stock market. I need their help and guidance because (tbh) I don’t think I can do it alone and in the long run.
  • I need to deepen my faith and be reminded of my emotional whys every single day (why am I doing this)
  • Lastly, I also want to help others most especially my family and friends(yes, including you) by encouraging you to join in this club (don’t worry, no pressure – you can try at least for one month and there’s a sure payback guarantee if you think your paid membership fee is not worth-it. Again, you can get your money back. So what’s really the risk of not joining?). To be enthusiastic in learning and gaining financial literacy – in growing your income. *All of their Mastermind Classes, Powertalks, God whispers, and real stories of simple Filipino millionaires, stock (SAM) updates are very beneficial huhu โ™ก (They made it, so I can start doing it too) Their mindset is really inspiring and motivating ~ as in wow!

I invested my time and money(Php497.00/ month – price; but because I wanted to take this seriously, I signed up and paid the annual fee instead #discountedprice) to learn and to have the right mindset as a TRC member.

Then after a month pf immersing myself on my TRC site, I opened an account in COL Financial (May 2018). From opening an account to buying a stock is easy, huhuhu though I thought it’s really complicated at first.

Thank you Lord!! I let you take control. Be with me through my journey. I surrender my worries and fears. May you strengthen me with your limitless mercy and love.

Let Your will be done and may Your name be glorified.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

I am very willing to guide you, “Together, Let’s become Truly Rich”

Kindly click this link, my friend.