902 ๐ŸŒง

Rain is pouring.

What is your heart saying.

You must be cold,

But why are you so bold.

You can hold on to me.

Coz I believe in “we”.

Tell me to be strong.

No matter how you are wrong.

If you stop to live.

I will never let you leave.

Call me in the wee hours.

The world is ours.

You to me is a rain.

The love I won’t drain.

You must be cold.

Now, I want you to hold.

*personally written this with all feels while I’m in the clinic, working and reflecting at the moment !! but my poetic self is up again so here it is.

*Deeply saddened from this week’s news about deaths of famous personalities.. huuu. My prayers is for them and their families..

Sharing some information, hoping it could help: (credits to WHO Philippines)

Hold on, my friend.