Spent less than 15 mins on Facebook today after a week of not checking it. Ugh. It’s aura draining most esp if you read posts related to politics and shaming people and my God. Wahh wrong move!! Not because that I don’t care about it, I care and it hurts, but I don’t want to meddle in between things I have no control of. Thinking about regrets of voting him will not bring any positivity in my life today. So I will let it Go and let God.

On the brighter side, one good takeaway after browsing my newsfeed is reading some graduation posts and board exam success stories of my ‘FB’ friends (congrats!!!) wherein they were really grateful to God for the ups and downs of their life and etc. God sees whenever you struggle / fail / pass, and conquer your battles. With God everything is possible. God will complete what He had begun. God will give you victory. He is indeed! 😊

As much as I want to have a throwback story post and share how God has always been amazing in my life, student life, because it’s still June haha, our INLE month (June 2-3 2013 waaah five years ago!!!), I’ll do it on my own na lang. 😉

Let’s go back to work ~

Try to be more productive and aggressive towards your dream.

Cheer up, buttercup!