932 ☁️

Good morning 😊

Today, I thank you Lord for the overflowing love I receive from my family, esp. to my sister who bought chocolates (♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡), clothes, and super cute socks for me. I received your package alreadyyyy!!! Waaaah thanks to Kuya and Kuya Kim for picking it up (hehehe).

I’m so thankful to have a sister like ate – even if she’s not so showy whenever I cling on to her and tell her how blessed I am to be with her and to have her haha she cringe most of the time, but I know she’s pretending not to cry in front of me. Hahahaha *i know youuuu* I will make lambing lagi and be by your side as your baby and crazy sister 24/7 ♡

사랑해 unnie ♡

Always be grateful 🌷