983 – DaretoShareandAskforHelp2018

Hello, friends!

Good morning or Good evening to who’s reading this ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for visiting my site, my blogosphere, even though I’m not posting daily “not again” and I have a lot of backlogs. I find joy whenever I view my stats/notifs and there’s 1 or 2 people who visited, read, liked and commented on my posts, as in wow thank you! I appreciate it a lot! Those little things you do are my simple joys in blogging ~

When I’ve started this blog as a passion project back in 2011, I just wanted to practice writing in English by sharing my day. I know I didn’t take a major leap or upgrade on my blog for years because I didn’t expect that I will still be here blogging and reviving my blog. I keep on coming back to my personal legend in my gigantic universe!!!!

So, yep – I kept on talking about myself for years because before I’m just thinking about me posting/sharing everything under the sun – hello freedom!!! I don’t put pressure on putting a good title, story, post, picture and the like because I’m not that confident enough to get what I deserve based on my outputs that I create. No expectations rin ika nga. Sometimes, I just show up and share and that’s it. However, as time goes by, I want to take care of my blog more because in the future I want to thank myself for pursuing this. I want to reach out and help people too through my own little ways.

Could you help me?

I’m still learning how premium works??? I hope I can start to organize my blog so that it can be reader-friendly to everyone including me.

Here are some of my questions:

  1. If I get the free domain name, do you recommend sticking into my username “simplejoysofheaven” or can I change it whatever I like with no negative consequences afterwards?
  2. Can I convert my WordPress (personal blog) to WordPress.org using the same username/url & profile – everything?
  3. How many Pages can I create on my site?
  4. What are some plug-ins you can recommend?

That’s it for now.. I’m really hoping someone could answer and enlighten me..

Life Updates 101:

  • Praise God! I successfully passed in Learn Korean PH Season 18th Beginner’s class!
  • Finally got my new passport today!!! It will expire on 2028!!!! yey!!! So Excited to travel next month and use it!
  • I currently earned 7 badges now in the VAbootcamp online course. Keep on Learning, Self!
  • I took a short break from my social media apps except on Instagram because I joined the #daretoshare2018challenge wherein I downloaded the app today and I shared 5 random facts about me (as part of our introduction). The activity is supposed to be for 10 minutes, but giiiiiiirrrrrrrrrllllllllll it’s really difficult to click the SHARE button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t have any business to share yet but okkkk lakasan ng loob at pakapalan ng face para matuto and just challenge myself – I DID IT. 1st step done. Day 1 done. Thank you Lord!
  • I’m happy to invest my time on learning skills outside my comfort zone. Is this what a typical millennial would do? #adulting
  • It’s been a month since I went to South Korea and I still miss every bit of it everyday.
  • I’m really becoming an official “tita” but in a feeling-teenager’s-body.
  • I’m still having breakouts huuu
  • I’m still single and not yet ready to mingle – I’m sorry.
  • I cried during BTS Kim Namjoon’s speech in the United Nations, watching Happier MV and while listening to Avril’s Head over water SONG.
  • I pampered myself this week and I’m also back in doing “HIT” exercises and climbing the stairs.
  • Lastly, I’m so glad to share that praying the rosary and reconnecting to GOD everyday became part of my routine as a HABIT โค


Always be grateful and kind โค

Thanks for dropping by!