990 ~ The Power of Compounding ๐Ÿ’ก


Literally, a lightbulb moment to me after reading a 19-page pdf about Perseverance and Compounding on this gloomy afternoon. As in wow thank you for this great reminder (I needed to make a post in Canva for this inspirational quote)!! ๐Ÿ˜

Actually, I’m poor with my decision-making skills, probably I will never gonna be hired if I always talk first rather than listen/understand a situation – just like the character from the story that I’ve just read.

Summary: Juan wanted Jose to be his assistant for thirty years. Jose asked how much he will receive monthly. So, Juan asked him if he wants 30k a month OR 1 centavo to be doubled every month for thirty years. Jose replied quickly and chose the 1st offer because 30k monthly is totally bigger than a centavo. Oops. Not knowing the right computation, Jose made a wrong decision. So, Juan did not accepted his answer and he will not hire him anymore. Why? Because of Jose’s decision-making skills.. I will not go through the boring computation part – just do the math ~ every centavo doubled & increasing in number every month for thirty years ~ it will be around 680 million!!!

Success really comes with our perseverance and patience, and believing in the art of compounding – in every aspect of our life!!!!

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